The Psycho- Social group of PRAYAS concentrates on issues of Societies like as economically, ethically, healthily backwardness. The work started in 2003, even before the inception of the organization through the individual efforts of Mr. Rajesh Alone and Mrs.Prasanna Sankapal – Alone. In the initial period the focus of the work was mainly on creating public awareness about Mental & physical health and personality developments. As the HIV infection spread out rapidly the other activities such as HIV/AIDS awareness programmes, counseling center for HIV infected as well as affected people, especially Pre- post HIV test counseling, information center about HIV & related Issues was conducted & referred the deprived to NARI & MSACS,ICTC Centers for further assistance.

In Future, we have planning to start Schools for Mentally Retired ,Spastics, Cerebral Palsy, Slow Learners,HIV/AIDS infected & affected and economically disabled children,Sanskar Varga & Day Care Carters to cultivate the New Generation to provide a Health Youths to our Nation. To extend to this,Rehabitation Carters for Alcohol & Substance addicted & Mental (Psychiatric) Patients, Orphanage and Old age Homes.

Activities of the Psycho – Social Group

Awareness Programmes.
Personality Developments & Soft Skills Programmes.
Mental Health Clinics.
Sponsorship Programs.
HIV/AIDS Counseling.
Marriage Counseling & Bureau