Made For Each Other

As we all are seeing that the Marriages are going to difficult to arrange & sustain too. As we studied and Experienced through the Many Cases across in the Marital Counseling, Emotional Behavioral Counselling,Family Counseling that why the Marriages break ,or neutralized although it was love marriage too.

Day by Day everybody’s Expectations are growing rapidly. One and all are going to Independent, financially as well as emotionally especially Women. So everyone wants a cool parter, who will live with him/her not only as a Spouse, but as a Cool Body & will be always ready to adjust & must be sharing, Supporting. But eventually it’s not happened. Most of the People go for Arrange Marriage which is traditional, where they could not get the chance to know each other as well their Family Dynamics or fall in Love & got married without knowing thoroughly to each other & Family too. And gradually in the Pressure of Adjustments & feeling of cheated by own beloved, Life become miserable. Some of them started to adjusted with same situation with the support/Pressure of Family & Society. Some of tried to change the situation with the Help of Family Members /Professionals.

But some marriages could not sustain by the Mates and they separate or Divorsed.which leads to other so many Psycho social Problems.

To minimize the rates of Separation/Divorce & Miserable, neutralize Marriages, We have started the new Concept of Made for Each other. We have so many Activities which will help to Mates to know each other before Marriage & get the Professional Pre & Post marriage Counseling & in case required Professional support throughout the life.

Mission Statement:-

To provide a platform where all can prepare and learn to handle marriage by a structured and conscious approach, leading to a more meaningful married life, and prospering as individuals, family and finally, as a society.

To provide a platform that encourages free discussions and study to one and all in an endeavor to create a harmonious society as a result of conscious, studied and realistic approach towards the marriage institutions.

Why Made For Each Other:-

The interaction and activities allow eligible boys or girls to understand the basics, and consciously study the concepts, duties, possible pitfalls and value additions related to marriage and in married life. It prepares the young minds to create a life where both the individuals would be partners in the true sense. They will realize that both as individuals bring something special to the partnership and that each of them is equal in this partnership. They will understand the importance of respecting the other individual and encouraging his/her personal growth as persons. All things relevant to the different stages of marriage and married life are discussed and studied.

People from all walks of life with no bar to age are part of this forum and are welcomed to participate.

Benefits of becoming a member:-

Short listing of Profiles – Finding the perfect match from eligible profiles can be a time-consuming process. If you are a member of made for each other, our trained counselors will make the process stress-free for you as they will send you the short listed profiles that match your criteria.
Contact Verification – As a member, you get the advantage of getting verified contact details and also some extra information on income, education, family etc. of all the prospective matches.
Meeting the matches – If you are interested in meeting any of the short listed profiles, our trained counselors can organize it for you. They will get in touch with the other party and arrange a meeting for you.
You will get the Pre Marriage Counseling & Personality Development Tips.

So, become a member now and enjoy our various services that are aimed to help you find the perfect life partner.